Have you ever thought about getting away from human relations, traffic mess, stressful work, Boss at work, phones, gadgets, uglier conversations, and social stress.

We at Escape Room Original have always been pioneers in bringing new things to Bengaluru city and this time we are giving an opportunity to people who want to re-discover themselves being in solitary confinement for minimum 8 hours.

Inmates here have their phones confiscated, are issued with a uniform, yoga mat, short table, book to write and read, pen, you are forbidden from speaking to one another, you will be allowed to use restroom, receive basic meals.


The Gaming That Never ENDS!

The Gaming That Never ENDS!
Enjoy gaming with friends, family and many more


So you enjoy challenges and solving puzzles? Looking for a challenging yet fun activity to unwind with your mates? Take things up a notch by experiencing our Escape Rooms – LIVE! You need 2-6 players and there are plenty of rooms for you to choose from!


Looking for something unique that will entertain both you and the kids? Our Escape Rooms are an excellent way to spend some amazing time with your family and friends, as you work together to escape from our rooms. Going to the movies is so last year!


Tired of dull and conventional team building events in the city? Escape Room provides challenging scenarios packed for your team. Our Escape Rooms will provide a unique and fun event for corporate entertainment and team building. Click HERE for more info!

For inquiries and group rates please contact us at +91 76763 72273 or send us an email at [email protected]


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