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Call us – +91 76763 72273 | Working timing – 11 am – 10 pm

Call us – +91 950-085-0125 

Call us – +91 76763 72273

About us

The concept of Escape Rooms was started in 2011 and we considered introducing it in September 2014. We were surprised to find out that a city like Bangalore didn’t have Escape Rooms.

A new concept was introduced in Bangalore in April 2015, and game enthusiasts rejoiced.

Since a number of escape room games started appearing in Bangalore city, we named ourselves Escape Room Original. As of today 2023, people still refer to us as being the best escape room in Bangalore because of the buzz, the flow of the game, the quality, and most importantly, customer satisfaction.

You’re at the right place for the best Escape Room experience.

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