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Call us – +91 76763 72273 | Working timing – 11 am – 10 pm

Call us – +91 950-085-0125 

Call us – +91 76763 72273


Events & Parties

Located on Bangalore, Escape Room delivers a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience, combining brain-challenging escape rooms.

If you are planning an upcoming celebration or event, host it at Escape Room Bangalore! Bring your friends, family, and sense of adventure. We feature four exciting escape rooms, which are available for simultaneous games, so large groups are welcome.

Some of the special events we celebrate at Escape rooms are:



Corporate Team

We can accommodate nearly any event.

Corporate Team Building

Learning to work together is the key to escape—and Escape rooms bangalore creates a specialized environment that engages each team member and encourages collaboration. When placed in a high-pressure environment, communication and teamwork naturally happen.

The components of an escape room encourage employees to think creatively and quickly, delegate tasks effectively, and grant employees the confidence to contribute.

As a team leader or corporate officer, seeing how employees strategize and share can offer a new perspective. Understanding how employees work can maximize efficiency, improve focus, create company loyalty, and get the team into a goal-oriented mindset.

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