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What makes the Amazing Escape Room Game so Special?

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Escape Room Bangalore is with an authentic aim to unfold the feather of happiness the various confused groups, be it families, college students or company teams, Escape Room Bangalore receives flourished withinside the unrivaled metro cities, Bangalore and Mumbai. One hour of exciting storytelling fashion of sport is locked interior seven special units of rooms. And they may be bold people with a troupe of untamed imaginations of their hearts to attempt to contain in those games. Rather, this get away room sport is a type of going returned to the ones days whilst fiction overshadowed fact and a conglomeration of surprising subject matters withinside the rooms is calling your one hour for an get away from fact. 1 Goal, eight Rooms, one hundred fifty Locks, 60 Minutes. The Escape Room Bangalore thankfully invites the ones courageous hearts packed with innovative and crucial questioning to take those challenges.

1. The Place.

It is located on the 12, 3rd Floor Pragati Mansion, 1st Cross Rd, 5th Block, Koramangala, Bangalore, Karnataka 560034

2. The Game.

Escape Room Game in Bangalore is a real adventure game that locks you in a themed room by working out funny imaginary stories and challenges you to escape these rooms within a time limit of one hour. Finding the way out requires detailed teamwork. of the rooms, crawl and unravel the puzzles, clues and clues hidden around the room. You have to deviate from usual thoughts to complete the difficult tracks and find your way out, quite challenging but these rooms will ensure that everyone in your party will have the most adventurous time of their life.

3.  To Find.

By creating the easiest ways to be a part of this wonderful game, Escape Room Bangalore removes the confusion and chaos that usually surrounds the booking process. Use the large windows on your computer or the smaller windows on your phone to reserve any room seamlessly. Please arrive at the venue at least 15 minutes early, the authorities will explain you the rules, regulations, things to watch out for, etc. before the game starts. Organize your team, focus on the clock that strikes and get going! Find the clues hidden in the room, use your enormous mindset to decipher the clues that will ultimately give you the right solution to escape the room. Once you’re out, you’ve won the game!

4. To Play

No! There are no restrictions on participation. Are you guys a bunch of classmates? Or do you want to spend a nice time with your family? Looking for the perfect company team outing? Whatever your background, Escape Room Bangalore Original invites you to share a unique moment with your favorites.

  • Students: This is the time for you to deepen your knowledge of the classroom, find a team leader, participate in a brainstorm, and leave the room.
  • Family and friends: I would be in any age group, it doesn’t matter here. Use your creative ideas, think outside the box and experience limitless fun with your loved ones.
  • Corporate : An ideal team building activity where you can do a lot to tackle a problem with proper involvement of all team players. Experience the good times of working together and find a way out of everyday office life.
  • Special Occasions: Instead of cutting a cake, do something different or just have fun with your friends and family on your special days. Reserve the escape game for a different birthday or anniversary celebration with a range of experiences tailored to your requirements.

5. The Escape Room Game.

The Music Room

through financial troubles has gone missing. His wife has asked you (his best friends) to help find a valuable Gold Master Record in their repossessed studio before the banks take physical possession of the studio and all contents. It is 8am and the bank officials come exactly at 9am – so you have an hour to retrieve the record and get out!

The Music Room experience will challenge you and your team to learn quick – you’ll need to play instruments, adjust amplifiers settings, experiment with guitar effect pedals, and deep dive into musical history to be successful.

Welcome to the the first Music themed escape room in the world!

The Ruins of Hampi

The Chief archaeologist of the digs has discovered the map of all the missing treasures of Hampi but he’s just been murdered. You have an hour to find the map before the murderers arrive on the scene. If the map gets into their hands, the treasures are likely to be sold to private collections. That goes against everything you’ve been working for. Hopefully, you are as smart as the Chief who has protected his secret very well.

The level of immersion you will experience in this game is unparalleled. No anachronisms. And the set design is practically Hollywood style.

The Nuclear Bunker

It’s 1945. You have managed to overpower the guards and get into the prized bunker of SS Obergruppenführer Erik Wald. You suspect that the main plans of the invasion are likely to be in this bunker, but you have an hour to find what you need and get out. If you succeed, you can alter the course of history. But, can you do it?

The bunker has puzzles and clues that are challenging and extremely engaging. Experience WW II type immersion that will literally transport you to a time of so much historical significance. Unleash the Mystery Junkie in you!

Dragon Glass

Inspired by the hugely popular Game of Thrones, our medieval fantasy room brings out the most popular elements of the series in a alternate scene where you need employ all your creativity to defeat the White Walkers and Wights as they ascend the Wall. You are in a frantic race against time to find Dragon Glass that you need to destroy the Night King.

Dragon Glass brings to life the elements of the book(s) and forces you to work better as a team, think laterally, and go beyond what you’ve seen to literally create magic! A great set and fantastic immersion make this a must-do experience!


Bring your friends, family or colleague to the best escape room in bangalore, enjoy the exciting games, funny and brain storming puzzles, escape out the room with Escape Room Bangalore

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